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APPbyYOU Messenger

CompanyMessenger: Private App - Private Chat - Private Cloud

The basic version is a messenger system for your business. But it´s more than just messaging! CompanyMessenger is an messaging platform with an AppEditor which allows you to individualize the design of your messenger. Even development of further widgets, mini-apps or interfaces to include it into your IT landscape is possible by using the AppFramework.

Your individual CompanyMessenger is hosted in your own company or in a data center of your choice. The security guidelines of your company can be observed easily.
To try the basic version download the APPbyYOU Messenger. It includes all basic features of the CompanyMessenger.
Create your own app, your own community and try out the private cloud.
To get the APPbyYOU Messenger, got to AppStore or GooglePlay store and search for APPbyYOU Messenger – it´s for free!


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You want to read more about the functions, features and use-cases of the CompanyMessenger? Visit our website!